Through the medium of fashion, LOOSE Clothing is the embodiment and expression of a hip-hop sub-culture infused with a crisp, fresh take onenduring popular culture. We seek to set a standard with lines of clothing that are timeless in terms of both design and quality. Our first collection is designed to be simple, but iconic.

A representation of something that can't be characterised with a single word, but is an expression of 'cool' yetunsatisfied. Only fools are satisfied. 


This is a calm collection of thoughts on the meaning of things that are decidedly far less calm. Our first collection is about the way we live to bridge revelries and memories together. The things that we bring and allow into our lives to make them the best they can be. LOOSE is a cultural inspiration to endure creatively.


For the past 2 years, we have been cultivating an image and a lifestyle to express the creative needs of a few to the creative minds of many. LOOSE is authentically street, with roots to the heart. LOOSE is a tough, steadfast brand, eminent of an elephant protecting it's children. REVELRY maintains the tenacious aspect of the LOOSE lifestyle, and infuses it with the things we celebrate in this life. This life is short - too short for experiences that you don't love every part of.


"One day, you will make a terrible mistake. You will realize something, and instead of crushing the thought the moment it comes, you'll let it hang on, and I'm afraid it will be stuck in your head forever. 'These are the best days of your life.' It's a terrible thing to know, but you'll know it."

So why would you ever give them up? Get LOOSE.